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I first consulted Dr Deepika in April 2010 after two years of unsuccessful fertility treatment.  I feel very fortunate to have come across her, not least because I succeeded in getting pregnant quite quickly, but also because she’s warm and kind, whilst also very professional and seemingly determined to achieve a good result.  When I met Dr. Deepika I was feeling quite deeply traumatised and whilst a successful pregnancy was the best cure for that, my sessions were her also felt very healing.

My husband and I had started fertility treatment in April 2008 because my husband had frozen sperm with the NHS years ago prior to starting on a drug associated with birth defects.  We needed an artificial means of getting pregnant with my husband’s frozen sperm.  Our tests indicated no issues that would affect our fertility, so we assumed that we would only have to undergo at most two or three intrauterine inseminations or “IUIs” (where the sperm is injected into the uterus).  However we ended up having five unsuccessful IUIS and two unsuccessful rounds of IVF, one of which resulted in an ectopic pregnancy and emergency surgery to remove one my fallopian tubes.  I had embarked on the whole assisted conception process feeling like a reasonably fertile 37-year-old (ectopic pregnancies after IVF are not associated with blocked tubes) but by the time I first consulted Dr Deepika I was about to turn 40 and felt like my fertility was rapidly slipping through my fingers.

When I first consulted Dr Deepika, she offered to support me through another round of IVF as that was my and my husband’s intended course of action.  By coincidence however, my husband was very shortly afterward told by his hospital consultant that his condition (unrelated to fertility) was in remission and he could stop taking the drug associated with birth defects.  Dr Deepika therefore offered to support our getting pregnant naturally.  We had to wait three months before we could start trying to conceive, to give time for the drug to leave my husband’s system.  During this time I took ayurvedic herbs and followed the dietary restrictions suggested by Dr Deepika.  Completely unexpectedly I found I went down one clothing size during this time and felt generally better in myself.

We were ready to start trying in July 2010.  Dr. Deepika said she did not think our chances were high that month, so suggested I undergo only a one-day panchakarma treatment.  The same thing happened the following month.  In September however she said our chances were good and suggested a three-day panchakarma treatment, which I went through with.  I was starting to wonder if anything was going to come of all this so asked her how surprised she would be if I didn’t get pregnant that month.  She replied, “very surprised”.  I was struck by what a strong statement that was, and indeed have not looked back since.  I had an easy and straightforward pregnancy and our beautiful son was born in June 2011.

One of the most traumatising experiences of my life has ended in the most wonderful experience ever.  Whilst it’s entirely possible that my husband and I would have got pregnant anyway once we were able to try naturally, I feel quite deeply that my ease in getting and staying pregnant with one fallopian tube at age 40 and the peace I feel now about everything we had to go through to get here is down to my good luck in hearing about Dr. Deepika.