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Anna Ruddock (M.E.)

Following a relapse of M.E. in May 2003, I began a strict nutritional regime under the guidance of a naturopath. I saw a massive improvement in my health as a result. At the same time, I began reading about Ayurveda and was very taken with its principles – the basic philosophy made sense to me and I was keen to see whether it could help with M.E.

As it happened, the diet prescribed by Deepika was very similar to the one I was already following (no dairy, yeast, low sugar) and so, (apart from cutting out bananas!) it was perhaps easier for me to adapt to than it might otherwise have been. Along with a variety of powders (yuk…but you do, eventually, get used to them), my main treatment was panchakarma.

While the first couple of treatments were very draining, on reflection I really believe that such a dramatic detox enabled my body to almost start with a clean slate. Over the subsequent months, I carried on with the diet and medicines and slowly became stronger. While I am not yet fully recovered, I do believe Ayurveda has made a difference to my health, primarily by increasing the stamina and stability of my body.

I still have ‘wobbles’ and the occasional bad day, but these aren’t as dramatic as they used to be. My only word of caution for anyone considering Ayurvedic treatment for a chronic condition such as ME would be that it’s not a quick fix. It requires commitment and investment of yourself, especially for the first couple of months. Panchakarma involves follow-up treatments done yourself at home, and for those who are very ill,
a strong and understanding support system is essential.

Having been under Deepika’s care for almost a year, I feel more secure and in control of my current level of health, to the extent that I am now coming to the end of my first year of full-time university study – an achievement that once seemed like a distant dream!