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I went to see Deepika during the summer of 2010. At the time I already had some previous exposure to Ayurveda which I experienced years before during my travels in India. I had great belief in this ancient system of medicine and was advised to see Deepika as she is one of the most reputable Ayurvedic practitioners in the UK at present.

I enrolled on an ayurvedic massage course at the clinic which I througly enjoyed. During this time I started seeing Deepika as a patient to treat polycystic ovarian syndrome. I had been diagnosed with PCOs some years back although I had never had any major sysmptons apart from ocassional irregular menstrual cycles. However my mestruation had ceased for about 3 months and was concerned about this.

I took some Ayurvedic herbal medicine on Deepika’s recomendation as well as implemented some lifestyle and diet changes. Within weeks I started feeling a general wellbeing; more relaxed, sleeping better, and more energetic. After approximately one month of taking these preparations I took a three day panchakarma treatment which was wonderful.

Deepika expected my menstrual cycle to return within days of the panchkarma. However after 3 weeks my cycle still had not arrived . Futhermore, I was feeling constantly sick and seemed to be puting on weight. During the following consultation with Deepika took my pulse and concluded that I was experiecing a ‘big hormonal change’ and that I might have fallen pregnant. She was right!

Although slightly unexpected me and I partner were thrilled with the news. I am now 35 weeks pregnant and expecting the birth of a beautiful baby girl any time soon. Thank you Deepika for being such an inspirational person, and for all your fiendship, love and support… and your fertility treatment!