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Clare Varley (HRT)

I never thought the menopause would give me such problems in my life. Nearly 20 years ago I had a hysterectomy due to complications of my last childbirth. Everything was fine until last year, when I began to feel very lethargic, I had unbearable hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings.

I was craving for sweet foods and starting to add a few pounds to my weight. Surprisingly I kept forgetting simple things in day today life. I just want to come out of this mess as soon as possible.

I went to my GP and he explained to me I was suffering from menopausal syndrome and prescribed HRT. I was bit skeptical about it but I had no choice. I continued on HRT for couple of weeks but the problems seemed to be the same. So I went again to see my GP and he carried out some blood tests and come out with a new diagnosis that I had an under active thyroid gland and he prescribed some thyroxin on top of the HRT.

A Couple of months later I decided I’d had enough of taking the tablets. These could not resolve my problems so I began to seek an alternative. One of my friends mentioned Ayurvedic treatment so I decided to try it without thinking twice because I was so desperate to feel better.

I went to see Dr.Deepika Rodrigo, an Ayurvedic doctor. She gave me a one hour consultation during which she asked so many questions about my diet, life style and physiological functions like digestion, elimination and so on.

She explained to me very logically about the imbalances my body was suffering from and gave me a diet sheet listing what foods to eat and what foods disagree with my particular body type, also life style advice and plenty of herbal preparations to take. I followed all her advice and medicine alongside with the allopathic medicine for the first two weeks.

After two weeks I was beginning to feel much better and Dr.Deepika told me to discontinue the allopathic medicine. I continued taking the Ayurvedic medicine for three months and all the signs and symptoms I was suffering from had disappeared. I have much more energy now and I feel that I have a new lease of life.

I felt miserable when taking the HRT and stopping it and taking the Ayurvedic treatment was the key to recovering my health and vitality. I would thoroughly recommend Ayurvedic medicine and Dr.Deepika’s treatment. I would say to anybody don’t suffer, try Ayurvedic medicine, it works!