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10 Your Ayurvedic Consultation

Consultations – Ayurvedic treatment is aimed towards regaining our natural balanced state or ‘prakruti’ and the Ayurvedic practitioner considers all possible Ayurvedic treatments & techniques that could provide effective treatment for the patient to regain their health & equilibrium. The treatment has three stages.

The first stage of the consultation the Ayurvedic practitioner looks for causative factors and asks the patient to alter their diet & lifestyle as necessary.

Secondly seeking to strengthen the immune system of the patient with the relevant Ayurvedic remedies to balance or increase the digestive process or ‘agni’ and improve elimination. This helps to improve assimilation of nutrients in the diet and to aid in the elimination of waste products and toxins or ‘ama’ from the body.

Thirdly, treating the main symptoms or condition with suitable Ayurvedic herbal remedies to subdue the illness or disease process. The patient will also have the opportunity to voice any emotional or psychological problems that they may have as this also greatly effects the disease process.

We also provide consultation via Skype here is some feedback from one of our clients in Canada.

A Skype consultation session with Dr. Deepika I find very beneficial, as I can have my consultations without leave the comfort of my own home. Plus we get to see each other which would not be possible via the phone. Having our consultations via skype, we are better able to engage in conversation as we can see each others expressions, plus Dr. Deepika can analyse my body language, and feel that she can better diagnose what is really going on, as sometimes I am not able to express my feelings through words.

I also enjoy seeing, and dealing with Satchi, Dr. Deepika’s assistant, who is very efficient and prompted in dealing with any inquiries I may have, and also Chathuri ensures that I get my herbs on a timely basis which is very important.

Overall I find skype to be a great tool for communication especially when dealing with ones health. If it were not for skype, I may not be able to have treatments with Dr. Deekipa, as where I live in Grand Bay-Westfield, New Brunswick Canada, we do not have an Ayurvedic Clinic in our area. This allows me the freedom to peruse alternative medicine, where I would not otherwise be able to have access.

I would like to thank Dr. Deepika and staff for this wonderful experience, and the opportunity for me to have the choice of choosing a better way of health. Thank you once again. Sat Nam. Corinne.

To make an appointment please click here or phone 07415~119388. Before you arrive for your first Ayurvedic consultation/treatment please fill in you personal details here

Consultation Pricing.

  • Initial Consultation (1 hour) + 2 weeks herbs – £90.00
  • Follow up Consultation (1 hour) + 2 weeks herbs – £80.00
  • Follow up consultation (30 minutes) + 2 weeks herbs –  £60.00
  • Skype/telephone consultation (30 minutes) + 2 weeks herbs – £68.50 (Payment in advance for skype telephone consultation,  extra £5.00 admin fee and £3.50 postage for herbal medication).
  • Oils elixirs and jams charged at an extra £5.00 for each item.
  • Payment by Credit/Debit card Pay Pal or cash. We cannot accept cheques or bank transfers with the exception of overseas clients.