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David has had eczema since childhood. It developed as small scaly patchs on his  arms and legs since primary school andd progressively got worse with intense itching, oozing, and redness of the skin.

He also had asthma as well. His eczema became more aggressive when he went to Secondary school and he had to be hospitalised twice, and was treated with steroids, anti biotics, and harsh medication like cyclosporin to reduce his immunity so his flare up’s were not so intense.

The hospital offered Dillon medication, but no other support, or alternative therapy, and kept being told to manage the excema. During this ime Dill became withdrawn, angry and very depressed and his behaviour at school was at exclusion level through his developing teenage years .

It had a very big impact on the whole family. We also seeked private healthcare, but this followed the same processes as UK NHS treatment, and had also tried Chinese herbal treatments.

I found Deepika’s website in February 2010  with a view to finding someone who could help us overcome this condition. As his mum I was always interested in Auyvedic medicines, and when I suggested this to Dillon’s Dermitologist 2 years previously he advised that all UK hospitals follow scientifically proven methods, but I was determined to seek help for my son who had becomed so desperate, and did not want to carry on anymore.

I searched the internet, spoke to family and friends hoping to make my son’s life better. I found Deepika’s website friendly, and informative, and hoped that she would help us, even though we were nervous, or even if there was a cure.

She took Dillon’s history, lifestyle and his needs into perspective when coming up with a way to help him (after all he was only 14). She gave Dillon a food plan, and which food groups to avoid to help lower his Pitta, together with a mixture of herbal powders to take in water. She also took his mindset into account. He also had do coconut smoke with Neem. As a  family we were determined to try this therapy.

At first his routine was difficult, as he had to give up so many of his favourite foods and hard for us as we had to change our cooking habits, but within 2 weeks Dillon’s skin impoved so much- he was like a new boy with clear skin, and glowing, with confidence and hope.

Over the following weeks and months Dillon continued his basic treatment, with Deepika modifying it slightly based on what was happening to him, to eliminate and expell the heat from his body.

Dillon maintained his treatment for 5 months with a few episodes of highs and lows, but all the way Deepika continued to support us both emotionally  and medically, and I am pleased to say that my son is transformed into a confident, much happier, and healthier young boy, and doing well at school now.  His skin is so much better, especially having suffered unnecessarly for 5 years.

His treatment still continues but without Deepika’s help i don’t know where we would be now. He is now off all hospital medications, especially cyclosporin. His treatment for excema is soley on Deepika’s auyvedic approach, together with food restrictions and herbal powders, Dillon is so much better in himself.

Thank you Dr.Deepika.