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DSC01450Following a period of long work hours and intense studying which disrupted my work-life balance, I experienced poor health. Feeling tired, bloated and achy, I’d put on weight and my GP found I was anaemic. I recognised that I was losing control of my own health. Although I knew the cause of my symptoms – my lifestyle – I felt I needed ‘outside’ help to rediscover healthful habits to bring me back to good health. From my studies of Hippocrates, I’d recognised similarities between Hippocratic principles and Ayurvedic medicine: a whole person approach not just symptom control, a focus on lifestyle and personal characteristics that predispose people to certain conditions and a treatment using natural gentle methods. A friend recommended an Ayurvedic Doctor, Deepika Rodrigo.  During my six-month treatment Deepika prescribed a regime of certain herbs for me to take and gave me diet and lifestyle advice. I also had a panchakarma treatment which was a rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

Deepika encouraged me, providing support emotionally and spiritually when I needed it. I was impressed by her therapeutic approach and feel that this helped me. Deepika not only enabled me to find my way back to health but also encouraged me in my work as an integrative doctor and medical nutritionist. I learned a lot from her and would recommend her to others.

Dr Eleni Tsiompanou, Health Being Institute



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