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gis3Part 1. Weight Loss Treatment.

Since the middle of 2004 I had been steadily putting on weight, and I didn’t know why. I went to the GP and was weighed and I was shocked by how much weight I had gained, my blood pressure had also gone up, and for a fitness instructor that was not impressive. I had always eaten very healthy food, salads, chicken, fruit and vegetables, never fatty foods and hardly any red meat.

I had been on the pill for nearly 20 years and for the last 5 years was always getting a vaginal discharge. The GP had sent me for many tests but had always said that everyone is different and not to worry. I had also had many mood swings and a fiery temper, which I was renowned for!!!
In November 2004 I had a breast augmentation, and again my weight had gone up and also my blood pressure.

A friend of mine who new I was concerned recommended I visit Dr. Deepika Rodrigo, she had been very successful with her and said I had nothing to lose by trying but possibly everything to gain.
In April 2005 I visited Dr Deepika where she went through all my worries with me. My first visit she gave me a diet sheet and virtually cut out most of my everyday foods, which surprisingly turned out to be some of my favourite fruit, vegetables, cereals and a few other bits, she also told me to come off the contraceptive pill. It all sounded a bit hard to follow to start with but I gave it a go. I returned 2 weeks later having lost 6lbs and looking and feeling so much better. With in the first week people had already made comments about how I looked so much better, my eyes were glistening again, and my face didn’t look swollen anymore.

I have continued to visit Dr Deepika every 2 weeks, where she has now continued to deal with my emotional problems and find the source of my weight gain. I have now been seeing Dr Deepika for nearly 5 months (August 05) and have had 2 Puncha Karma treatments which are the most amazing experience.

I now have totally lost my fiery temper, lost nearly 2 stone, my blood pressure is back to normal, my vaginal discharge has gone, and I am to most relaxed, calm person I have ever been, this is now a way of life for me. The dark cloud over my head has gone for good!!!!   I thoroughly recommend Dr Deepika and the Ayurvedic Clinic to anyone…..


giselle220Part 2. Infertility Treatment.

After losing all that weight with Dr Deepikas help, with in a few months I had met a new man, this is going back to December 2005, when I was working away in Leeds. Within 5 months he had moved town to live with me, fast I know, but it seemed to be the natural thing to do, has we had a 3 hour journey to see each other.

When I originally saw Dr Deepika she had taken me off my contraception to help get my body into balance again. My new partner has already got a daughter, but after about a year we thought it would be nice to try for a baby. After about 6 months nothing had happened, my partner went for test and found due to his ‘colourful’ past life he had a low seman volume, so off we go to pay our visit to Deepika, and she gave him powders for energy, Volume and this and that. Unfortunately, still nothing. My turn for tests, found out that I was not ovulating.

The GP puts me on Clomid, which stimulated started Ovulation, you can only use this for a few months, still no baby. This is now December 2007 Dr Deepika now takes over and gives me powders to stimulate Ovulation as well as my partner still on his powders. April 2008 whilst on another course we find I am 6 weeks pregnant, November 29th 2008 Ethan Charles is born a healthy 8lb baby, he is now 6 months old and has been an absolute ideal baby, so far, he is so happy and content, we are so lucky. Thank you Dr Deepika!!! I am now back with Dr Deepika to lose the baby weight, so back to square 1, watch this space!