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Jaqueline. Digestive problems – I am 52 and went to see Dr Deepika as I was suffering terrible indigestion and bloating which was really affecting my life as normally i am quite fit but found it hard to even walk as the bloating made me feel so uncomfortable and short of breath, and my hormones were all over the place and basically I just felt as though I had aged overnight and not being able to keep active I started putting on weight! I was also struggling with doing my yoga as my body just hurt and felt so inflexible I was on the verge of giving it up!
Dr Deepika was lovely and and prescribed me a new diet eliminating certain foods and some Ayurvedic herbs.
Literally the first day I started on the treatments and new diet my indigestion went, unbelievable!
The first week though I felt terrible, my body ached and I couldn’t stop crying, but weirdly I was also starting to feel better and noticed my bloating was going down and when I went to my yoga class I couldn’t believe how flexible I was. I have continued to see fantastic improvements to my health as have other people who have commented on how well I look.
To date I have also lost 2 dress sizes, feel ten years younger, have lots more energy and a renewed zest for life, my hormones feel much more balanced, my eyes are and skin are clearer and I feel alive again a and it’s wonderful and it’s all down to Dr Deepika! I can’t thank her enough, I really feel like she has worked a miracle on me!