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Dr Deepika is not only a great great doctor; she is also a wonderful person! She cares about the patient and with my weight loss treatment she goes deeper than the superficial symptoms when taking care of you. Before I first met Dr Deepika, I had been having skin problems (acne) for basically 6 years! I had tried everything and all skin products, but nothing had worked.Also I had been gaining lot of weight in the months before my first consultation, in total about 9 kilos! so i needed some kind og weight loss treatment. All of this changed when I meet Dr Deepika! After only a few days of following her food plan and taking her medicines, I was already a different person! In two weeks, I lost 2kg and my skin had visibly cleared up! After this, I just kept on going back, and now, my skin is so clear, people complement it all the time! And my weight has gone back to normal! i am happy Thank you so much Dr.deepika!