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Louise and babay after fertility treatment at The Ayurvedic ClinicLouise (Fertility)

I met Deepika about 5 years ago in 2008 and in this time she has become a truly dear friend and important person in my life.

When I decided to try for a baby (Jan 2011) I instantly knew that I would go back to see Deepika to get my body ‘baby ready’.  Deepika gave me the herbs and I duly took them along with her diet and lifestyle advice and I fell pregnant the very next month.

Unfortunately I miscarried at about 8 weeks and then fell pregnant again a few short weeks later.  The same thing happened.  This time we took precautions so that it would not happen again so quickly and continued to follow Deepika’s advice, take the herbs and had 3 panchakarma treatments on 3 consecutive days as advised.  I fell pregnant the very next month after we began to try again however this time I continued to take the herbs throughout my pregnancy little and often – previously I had stopped taking them on finding out I was pregnant.

I had a text book pregnancy, no sickness, heart burn, aches or pains and our beautiful little ‘ayurvedic’ baby boy was born healthy and happy.  He is the most perfect baby – so calm & content.  He has the sweetest nature, rarely cries, very happy to go to anyone and even began to sleep through the night at 9 weeks.  I feel truly blessed.

I cannot recommend Deepika highly enough. She is a very gifted & special lady with a huge heart and a profound wealth of knowledge about ayurveda & fertility.

Louise, 38 years