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Deepika has a bit of a reputation as a baby maker and from my perspective that’s been completely justified!

I have a medical history of gynaecological problems.  My periods had always been very heavy and painful and started taking birth control pills when I was 17 in an attempt to manage the pain.  When I was 23 I was diagnosed as having endometriosis, and had 2 surgeries to remove ovarian cysts and adhesions.  I was then prescribed drugs to induce a “chemical menopause” with the theory that this would reduce the risk of reoccurrence.  I took birth control pills for more than 10 years on and off, both for contraceptive reasons and to help control the endometriosis.

In short, when my husband and I decided to start trying for a baby in 2008 when I was 34, I was not completely surprised when nothing had happened after a year.  We went to see the GP and were referred for a variety of tests and investigations.

In parallel, I wanted to try working with Deepika to see if that would improve my fertility and came to see her in May 2009.  Deepika spent a long time discussing my health, my concerns and challenging my negativity!  She gave me diet suggestions, some powders to take throughout the day, and over time I had a number of panchakarma treatments.  Initially, I found the diet quite difficult – all my favourite foods were “forbidden”, and the powders weren’t very easy to take.  But I started getting used to the new regime, and was surprised to see changes in my body – my hair, nails, skin were different and my menstrual cycle started changing.  Just as importantly, Deepika worked hard to help me believe that I could, regardless of my medical history get pregnant.  She is a wise woman, very perceptive and insightful – and her kindness is very real!

In the meanwhile, we had started going through the tests required for IVF, which could be funded by the health service because of my previous problems.  After 4 months’ ayurvedic treatment, I fell pregnant but my period came after just a few days.  This was very sad, but at least it showed that I could get pregnant.  Then immediately afterwards in October 2009, I got pregnant again (just before I was due to start IVF treatment)!

I was nervous to start with but I had a healthy, trouble-free pregnancy.  I continued to see Deepika during the 9 months for regular check-ups and relaxing massages.  Our daughter Camille was born in July 2010 – she is healthy and beautiful – we are so lucky!  I’m not a doctor or a scientist so I cannot really explain how it worked, but I know that Deepika and ayurveda helped me have this baby – my body changed, my emotions changed, I was ready to get (and stay) pregnant.  I am so grateful for Deepika’s help, encouragement and expertise (and when I’m ready to think about baby number 2, she will be the first person I call!)