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I came to Ayurveda by chance through a friend who was running a resort that had an Ayurvedic doctor working there.

Subsequently I met Dr Deepika and her practice and the Ayurvedic system has provided a life support system for me for the last ten years.

The treatments are layered and work deeply at every level, allowing your mind and body to work towards a rarely achieved balance, which encourages optimum health.

At various points in my life I have looked for Ayurvedic support for grief, wieghtloss, eczema and epilepsy.  I am fit free and medication free for the first time in 30 years.

I came to the idea of family quite late in life and was 41 when I conceived my first child, following treatment with Dr. Deepika.

The pregnancy was healthy and full term, but tragically we lost our baby, Molly, when she was five days old.

This part of my story is relevant in that, while fertility wasn’t a particular issue for me, this terrible loss led me to a desperate need for a child which I hadn’t fully appreciated previously.

Often the negative feelings around conception are unhelpful when trying to balance the body and these uncomfortable feelings are part of the imbalance and get in the way of overall health.

The combined force of consultation, herbs, diet and the deeply relaxing panchakarma, administered with the expertise and loving kindness which is Dr Deepika’s speciality, are intensely powerful in moving away from negative thought patterns and allowing the body to regain its equilibrium.

This is all part of being the healthiest you can possibly be and allowing yourself to open up to the best way to be in all areas of your life.

11 months later I was ready to try to conceive again, although still suffering deeply.  Dr Deepika helped me to face my anxieties and relax, which in turn allowed my body and mind to accept what had happened and face forward.  Within a month of seeing Dr. Deepika I was pregnant with my second child, Grace, who  is now 18 months old.

I have experienced Ayurveda in Sri Lanka and India and still find Dr. Deepika’s practice the very best.

Deepika, a  Sri Lankan doctor, living and working with her family in London, knows more than anyone how challenging it can be to work with an Asian medicine practice in the western world.  Her approach makes Ayurveda accessible while remaining utterly true to the ancient tradition of the system.