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M.PI had PCOS issue causing delayed periods and a blocked tube  resulting in ovulation problem.

I tried allopathic, homeopathic, herbal and acupuncture for almost 7   years and found no results. I went through the ovarian drilling procedure and Clomid treatment as well. It was quite depressing and disappointing as I was spending money and time but could not see any difference. At this point I almost lost hope and I was looking online for panchakarma procedure to prepare my body for IVF procedure and found Dr Deepika’s web site. Read her case studies and immediately contacted the clinic.

When I spoke to Dr. Deepika, I saw a ray of hope and got results in 6 months after following her instructions religiously. I conceived naturally and I’m blessed with a beautiful baby boy now.

Dr.Deepika was quite helpful in bringing out my bottled emotions that were causing an imbalance in my body leading to ovulation problems. She leads the treatment by detoxifying the body and treating the root cause instead of treating superficially like other treatments.

She listens to her patients and understands their emotions. Her medication will make you feel better in first week itself (given you follow all her instructions religiously)

Ayurveda will treat the root cause blocking the conception and will definitely make you feel better and healthy.

Dr. Deepika has empathetic approach unlike other doctors who are more commercial minded and are interested in their fees rather helping the patient.