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Malissa Fertility treatment at the ayurvedic clinicMalissa Bennett (fertility)

My symptoms started when I was a teenager. I was beginning to feel tiredness after doing exercise or any activity. I carried on for a few years like that but in time the condition became worse and worse. I went to see my G.P. and explained my condition, which was similar to ME He took some tests which all came back negative.

I still did not feel any better and was becoming depressed and emotional and my periods were becoming irregular and light. I felt that I was pre-menstrual most of the time. I decided to try some alternative therapies, acupuncture, Homeopathy, western Herbalists etc. but these all failed. I was becoming so desperate to feel better.

I was also wondering why I never became pregnant because I didn’t always practice safe sex with my partner, was I infertile? Then my mother introduced me to Dr.Deepika an Ayurvedic doctor who specialises in fertility.

She explained to me what my problem was and how to correct it. Around this time I had also had an ovulation test that came back negative which meant that I was not producing any eggs.

Taking this information into account Dr.Deepika put me on a course of treatment taking Ayurvedic herbal remedies plus dietary and lifestyle advice. After a few months of the Ayurvedic treatment I began to feel much better but even more extraordinary was the fact that I had become pregnant.

I was so happy I couldn’t believe it. I now have a healthy baby boy of four months and I am still taking Dr.Deepika’s lifestyle and dietary advice which has made my life so much better.