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Noreen fertility treatment at the ayurvedic clinicNoreen (Fertility)

In 2009 my husband & I decided it was time to try for number two, it took about 8 months to get pregnant first time so we didn’t expect to have any problems second time around (that was a mistake).

So we tried for a few months, then I decided as I was approaching 40 I needed to take a little more action. I started monitoring my ovulation with a “personal ovulation machine”.
To my surprise I realised my periods had become very irregular, anything from a 14 day cycle to a 50 day cycle, then I discovered I didn’t ovulate every month, as my age was against me I decided to go see my doctor & try & discover what was going on.

A blood test later I was told my F.S.H. (folic stimulation hormone) was way to high I think it was around 16 where it should have been about 6.
So my doctor referred me to see a consultant in the gynaecological dept at the Royal Free hospital. A few test later I discovered my left tube was blocked (it may have always been blocked and was never tested before).

Then on my next visit to the consultant I was told that I had poor quality eggs and couldn’t have fertility treatment but could have an egg donation.

To say I was shocked is an understatement, it felt like my world was falling apart and I was devastated.

Luckily for me one of my friends told me to go see Dr.Deepika Rodrigo and this was the best, best, thing I did.
Dr.Deepika was so fantastic she went through everything, diet, lifestyle, medical history, basically she looks at you as a person not as a number.

She was on a mission to sort me out and it felt like finally somebody was interested in helping me. Over an hour later she sent me home with a selection of powders (which I had to drink at certain times) and some changes to my diet.

I saw her about 4 more times over a 4 month period, by which time my F.S.H. had gone back down to where it should have been around 6.

A few months later I was pregnant. I had a great pregnancy, again which I put down to having Dr.Deepika in my life.

I am so lucky to have found Dr.Deepika and to have had her fighting in my corner when the N.H.S had scent me down to road of egg donation.

If you are reading this case study, you have found a fantastic person, who will help you.

I am now the very lucky mother of two beautiful girls, Darcey who is four years old and Molly who is four months old.

Best of luck to you & put your faith in Dr.Deepika Rodrigo.