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My lovely Dr Deepika, who called at 10pm at night from Sri Lanka when my daughter was seriously ill, having collapsed on 3 separate occasions seen specialists both privately and within the NHS to no avail, and as an 18 year teenager thought conventional medicine was the only option, despite my enthusiasm regarding Ayurvedic  medicine and the  gifted “Dr D” she was to the point of desperation when she went…

My mum has been into yoga for ages and I thought it was all a bit “new age” for me, but the conventional  Doctors were seriously hopeless, the pain was unbearable and went on for months, the week in hospital finished it for me, when I thought they would finally find out what was wrong, I was truly astounded when the consultant asked if I played netball, suggesting it was a groin strain?  Mum paid  for an internal scan and we discovered an ovarian cyst had irrupted and it would settle, but that wasn’t the case and I ended up back in hospital… but still they couldn’t diagnose the problem, so I hobbled home and went with heavy heart to see Dr Deepika –

My life has been turned around, despite the rubbish tasting powders which I stuck to along with plenty of home cooking and “no junk” I completely recovered and cannot thank her enough!!! The picture is with mum and fruit punches! So if you think yoga and their medicines are too “new age” think again, I seriously couldn’t recommend her enough!

As for mum – what can I say expect thank you for looking after me over the last 5 years and bringing my beautiful only daughter to full health again – with love and gratitude, Namaste Rosie xx