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Sheetal (Fertility) Sheetal & baby after fertility treatment at the ayurvedic clinic

We had been trying for last 3 years and were finding it really hard to concieve. In March 2010 I had a miscarriage at 7-8 weeks and I desperately wanted to get pregnant. I also realised that my periods were becoming irregular and I was putting on weight. I was getting very frustated by each passing day.


All my reports were normal and so were my husband’s. A number of trips to the NHS and finally when the consultant could not find anything she diagnosed me with PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease) based on my weight gain.

The consultant suggested laparoscopy as the only solution to this problem. However, we both were against any invasive procedures.

In the past I have had experience of using Ayurveda in india and have had wonderful results. So I decided to find someone in the UK and when I googled I found Dr Deepika’s website.

After reading the case studies on her website I knew this was the place I needed to go. I first visited Dr Deepika in November 2011 and was very pleased with myself that I had made the right decision. Dr Deepika is such a warm and caring person and makes you feel completely relaxed during consultation.

Unlike, other consultants she really has keen interest in listening to her patients and understanding not only their physical ailments but also understand their mental state. I remember after my first consultation, Dr Deepika send me home with some herb (powders) and changes in my diet and I was already feeling so positive about the future. And she kept reassuring me that everything was going to be fine and I just had to take away this thought from my mind that I cannot concieve.

How true were her words and in early January I found out I was pregnant. Me and my husband were so thrilled and once the pregnancy was confirmed we straight away called Dr Deepika to let her know the good news. Thanks to Dr Deepika today I am a proud mum to a 6 months old baby boy. My next mission is to get rid of all the baby weight and I need not look any further for I know I can rest assured with Dr Deepika’s treatment and diet.