Tara RileyI had one child already when I returned to Dr. Deepika.  I saw her before my first pregnancy for another problem – rheumatoid arthritis.  When my husband and I began trying for our second child I had two miscarriages over a short period – about 4 months, and so returned to Dr. Deepika because I knew I had imbalances within my body again and remembered fertility was her specialty.

I was seeking help from Dr. Deepika to balance my Pitta. I was suffering from way too much fire – apparently…And was unable to hold onto a pregnancy because of this.

I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and had been managing it through diet and various forms of alternative medicine.  I learned of Dr. Deepika after a trip to India sparked my interest in Ayurveda and my Pilates instructor suggested I see Dr. Deepika.

Dr Deepika did a three day treatment to help my body and heart heal from the miscarriages I’d had and also focused on balancing the Pitta.  She gave me a diet to follow and herbs to drink to help with this.  She was understanding and reassuring in our discussions.

I have always found meeting with Dr. Deepika an unbelievably positive experience – even though it was fertility issues I was dealing with.  She looked at my situation (and I can only imagine others situations too) with a supportive and enthusiastic attitude.  I always felt calmer, more centered after meeting with her.  I had a few panchakarma treatments under her care and I was left feeling more tranquil and at peace.  Dr. Deepika was certain that I would fall pregnant again and she would help me create a healthy environment for a baby to stay and grow throughout a pregnancy.