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My name is Natasha. I am 36 years old and 30 weeks pregnant.

My husband and I were trying for a baby for 4 years.I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18 years old and since then I knew that my journey to pregnancy will be complicated. In the past 4 years, we have tried different methods to improve my fertility, including acupuncture, reflexology, juice fasts, diets to control my sugar levels, alongside 3 IVF attempts. During the IVF treatments I responded well to the drugs however the eggs that were taken out for fertilisation were not the best quality and implantation wasn’t taking place.

We were getting ready for our 4th IVF round when I was told by one of the best fertility clinics in London that one possible reasons of implantation failure is my overactive immune system killing any foreign bodies detected in my system, including fertilised eggs. The recommended treatment included medications usually given to people with arthritis and a series of blood transfusions in order to bring down my immune levels and then try another IVF cycle. At the time I felt that this is an aggressive approach and although I wanted to have a baby I wasn’t prepared to put my health at risk.

Even though I relied on 3 IVF cycles to get pregnant, I genuinely felt that the key blocker was that I was stressed, overworked, my body was out of balance and is not in the best condition to make a baby. I also felt that these issues are vague and I wasn’t sure why exactly I was out of balance and what specifically I needed to do to reverse that. At this point I was already taking 500mcg of a drug called Metformin (that was supposed to level up my blood sugar levels) for 4 months.

One day I was having a relaxing ayurvedic massage at a local health centre. The lady could sense the tension that I have built and started asking me questions about my lifestyle. At this point I was very open about what I am going through. She recommended a place in India that treats infertility based on the ayurvedic principle. I was thinking of trying it out and going to India however it wasn’t a quick 2 week process and I couldn’t fit in the programme around my work. Deep down I knew that I will need to make changes within me to achieve some sort of a balance before I embark on another round of IVF. So I researched online for ayurvedic practitioners in London and came across a fertility expert, Dr Deepika Rodrigo.

I was seeing Dr Deepika for two months. She slightly changed my diet according to my dosha imbalances (I previously thought that my diet is clean and healthy, based on lots of vegetables and fruits (mostly raw), soups and superfoods) and I was taking a number of herbs that she recommended. I also had a few short sessions with Dr Deepika to help me release some of the fears and worries I had in my mind. At the beginning of the third month Dr Deepika suggested that we try a natural cycle of conception, which involved a 3 day massage before ovulation. I was sceptical but had nothing to lose. To my shock and surprise when I found out I am pregnant two weeks later.

The changes that Dr Deepika recommended were subtle, some dietary and lifestyle changes, herbs and the emotional support, but I truly believe that as subtle these changes were they were powerful and instrumental in the end result. It was the final straw in a series of changes I had made in the past few years, including a healthy diet, more exercise, more relaxation and less stress at work. I was lucky enough to be able to change my work to part-time and release some of the stress I was under for so many years in order to make space for new things in my life that will help me restore my body and mind balance.

I would genuinely recommend Dr Deepika to anyone who is struggling to get pregnant or with any other health concerns, or event to anyone who would like to implement a healthy lifestyle (according to their individual body as everyone is different) in order to achieve a long and healthy life.

I am happy to answer any questions you might have. You can email me on


<< The Ayurvedic Clinic is happy to announce Natasha had a healthy gorgeous baby Oliver on 2.6.2016. >>