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Tejal (fertility)

When I came to Dr Deepika for fertility treatment, I was in a really worried about not being able to get pregnant as we had been trying for almost 2 years by then and  I was also told that I had PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) in which ovaries don’t produce eggs, and as no surprise my ovulation tests were negative too and my menstrual cycle was irregular.

I was desperate to have a baby, and Dr Deepika really helped me with that she started the treatment with some medicines and dietary advice.

Around the ovulation cycle she also did Panchakarma treatment. All of which started to make me feel much better I had more energy and to my surprise my cycles became regular very soon after taking medicines.After few months I still didn’t get preganant, i was getting disappointed again but Dr Deepika was very positive and was sure that I will get pregnant, she was a very good support too in our hour long sessions, and she was a very patient listener.

Then very soon my world changed and I got pregnant but then after 3months I miscarried, but after only 3 months I was pregnant again.

Now my baby is nine months old and I am enjoying every minute of my motherhood really owe a lot to Dr Deepika, i can’t thank her enough for giving me so much happiness.

I will have to go back to her again …for weight loss this time…Thanks a lot Dr. Deepika.