According to Ayurveda, all disease is caused by an imbalance in dosha (constitutions). Determining which of the dosha is imbalanced and thus the root cause of disease requires extensive training and knowledge.

At your initial consultation especially, be prepared to talk about yourself. Ayurveda emphasises balance in all areas of life and so the physician will be using various diagnostic methods to examine your body as well as taking an extensive personal and medical history. This may include amongst other matters, an understanding of your diet, your professional life and working conditions, relationships, mental health and exercise routines.

In this way the Ayurvedic Physician is able to identify the potential causes of imbalance in the mind or body and can provide a bespoke treatment plan that will include dietary advice, herbal medicines and any other Ayurvedic treatments.

Dr Deepika Rodrigo BAMS has been in continuous practice for almost two decades and is an experienced physician who has counselled and healed thousands of patients to health and balance. Your consultation is confidential and you can feel assured that you are in the hands of a compassionate and authentic healer.

We are also able to offer Skype consultations. Your herbal supplements will be sent by post. We have patients worldwide and in London who take advantage of this service, such as Corrine from Canada:

I find Skype consultation sessions with Dr. Deepika very beneficial, as I can have my consultations without leaving the comfort of my own home. Plus we get to see each other face to face. Having our consultations via Skype, we are better able to engage in conversation as we can see each others expressions, plus Dr. Deepika can analyse my body language, and feel that she can better diagnose what is really going on, as sometimes I am not able to express my feelings through words.

I also enjoy seeing, and dealing with her team who are very efficient and prompt in dealing with any enquiries I may have.

If it were not for Skype, I would not be able to have treatments with Dr. Deekipa, as I live in New Brunswick, Canada. I would like to thank Dr. Deepika and her team for this wonderful experience, and the opportunity to choose a better way of health. Thank you once again. Sat Nam.” Corinne.