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What Our Patients Say

Our patients come to us with a variety of disorders. Their treatment varies from prescribing herbal medicines and dietary advice to purification treatments such as Panchakarma. The one common factor for all patients is the support and care which comes from the heart of each of our doctors, therapists and all of our people. Chikitsa is the Ayurvedic term for treatment. The root of the word is chit, meaning the heart. The meaning of chikitsa is that the healing comes from the heart. We do our best to stay faithful to this principle.


Jaqueline (Digestive problems) Jaqueline. Digestive problems – I am 52 and went to see Dr Deepika as I was suffering terrible indigestion and bloating which… read more

Clare Varley (HRT)

Clare Varley (HRT) I never thought the menopause would give me such problems in my life. Nearly 20 years ago I had a hysterectomy due… read more

Dr Eleni Tsiompanou

Dr Eleni Tsiompanou – Hormone Imbalance Following a period of long work hours and intense studying which disrupted my work-life balance, I experienced poor health.… read more

David (eczema)

David (eczema) David has had eczema since childhood. It developed as small scaly patchs on his arms and legs since primary school andd progressively got… read more

Rosie & Chloe

Rosie & Chloe My lovely Dr Deepika, who called at 10pm at night from Sri Lanka when my daughter was seriously ill, having collapsed on… read more

Anna Ruddock (M.E.)

Anna Ruddock (M.E.) Following a relapse of M.E. in May 2003, I began a strict nutritional regime under the guidance of a naturopath. I saw… read more

Jessy Green

Jessy Green (Acne & Weight loss) Dr Deepika is not only a great great doctor; she is also a wonderful person! She cares about the… read more