Eczema is an acute or chronic disease, non-contagious, itching, inflammatory disease of the skin. The skin is reddened, the redness shading off into the surrounding unaffected areas.

According to western medicine the cause is unknown. Eruptions of similar appearance due to ingested drugs or local irritants are referred to as dermatitis medicamentosa, Contact dermatitis or dermatitis venenata. (From Blackiston’s Medical Dictionary).


Food and drinks that are contradictory. Excessively heavy type foods, Suppression of natural urges, particularly vomiting. Exercise immediately after food. Changing from hot and cold and from cold to hot environments rapidly. Eating freshly harvested corn, sour things and fish in excess. Sex before food is digested. Not showing respect to people who are worthy of respect. Improper metabolism. Affected lymphatics. Not undergoing the five elimination’s (pancha karma) when necessary. In samanya samprapti all three doshas are involved. Skin, muscle tissue, lymphatic and eventual presence of germs must be corrected.


Correct food habits and sinful acts; clean the system of waste products. Many skin diseases are psychosomatic; therefore the body and the mind must be treated.

The waste products must be taken out of the body; therefore the bowels have to be cleaned.

  1. Strong purgatives are given to the patient.
  2. Correct the blood and lymphatic. The controlling organ of the lymph is the liver. Give medicines, which correct the function of the liver, i.e. bitter drugs. Bitter substances will remove impurities from the blood and correct the functioning of the liver.

Avoid yoghurt, as this will obstruct the channels of circulation.

Don’t take salt in case of skin diseases; if salt has to given then give rock salt.


These are of two kinds:

  1. External, to kill germs and to heal skin lesions.
  2. Internal, bitter drugs for blood purification, purgation and correcting liver function.

Khadira (Acacia catechu).

Nimba   (Margosa indica).

There are many preparations containing these two drugs.

Haridra (turmeric).

Aloe vera is also very effective if applied externally.