Malabsorption Syndrome (Grahani)


After diarrhoea (colitis, giardiasis, food poisoning etc.) Mandagni is present and person who eats rich foods suffers from grahani. Person who has contaminated food also eats

Wrong food i.e. cheese, butter etc.

Thirst, Lethargy, ojas ksheena, indigestion after meal, heaviness of the body, long term sufferers are anaemic and have weight loss.


Constant urge to defecate, undigested food particles in the stool, constant pain, foul smell, yellowish colour to faecal matter, very loose motion, occasionally constipation.

Types of grahani.
Vata. Pitta. Kapha. Sannipatha.


Incorrect agni (pitta involved as main dosha) produces more stool rather than nourishing the tissues (dhatus). (sara production is less and kitta is increased). Samana vata is vitiated because of over production of kitta or ama, samana vata increases agni to balance situation but produces more kitta in the process. When kitta is moved to the bowels it imbalances apana vata and produces more undigested  faecal flow. Grahani is a tri-doshaja disease;

Vata; pain, bloating, borborygmi, constipation or diarrhoea.

Pitta; burning sensation, yellowish colour of the stool, liquid faeces, foul smell and undigested food particles.

Kapha; mucous, heaviness, lethargy, mandagni.


The dosas localised in the grahani (duodenum) should be treated in the same way as treating ajirna (indigestion). The ama (undigested materials) should be cooked by treatment described for diarrhoea. (Astanga hrdaya).

Grahani is the seat of agni and is called so because of holding up the food. It is situated above the umbilicus and is strengthened by the power of agni. Normally it holds up food till it is digested and releases it after it has been digested, but when it is deranged due to weak digestive fire it releases the ingested material in unripe condition. (Susruta).  P254. Vol. II.


Hinguvastak choorna. Bhaskeralawana choorna. Trikulu (cinnamom, cloves & cardamom).

Ama-pachana; Triphala choorna. Ginger ghrita. Pippali choorna with honey. Dadimastika (pomegranite).


Paya (medicated soups i.e. Barley). Talisadi choorna.Sitopaldi choorna.



Dhatri rasayana.

Ahara; recipes that increase the digestive power should be given. Light foods, buttermilk for kindling the digestive power.