Roga Hetu Causes of Disease

Roga-Disorder or disease.

Niroga-free from disorders or healthy.

In Ayurveda prevention of disease is more important than the curative aspect of disease. Understanding the concepts of roga & hetu can lead to healthy and balanced lifestyle.

To maintain healthy balance in your life there are three things to consider;

  1. Ahara. Food or diet.
  2. Viharana. Lifestyle.
  3. Aushadha. Herbs (medicine).


‘Aahaar’ is that- what we eat. It includes everything we eat or drink.

Aahaar (diet) is the cause of the very existence ‘Energy’(Bala), Varna (Colour), and Oja (Immunity) purified from all the Sharir Dhatus, Body tissues of every living being on this earth.

Everybody should select a diet which will be useful for the maintenance of health and the prevention of disease. This should be selected according to the constitutional type of the person.

One of the main causes of roga (disease) is mandagni (low digestive fire).

(Roga sarvepi mandagnow sukeramudera nicha).

If a person suffers from the condition of mandagni or low digestive fire then this will produce the condition of ama or undigested toxic food substance. The ama is responsible for imbalancing the dosha and vitiating the dhatus and obstructing the srotas.

Three doshas.

  1. Vata.
  2. Pitta.
  3. Kapha.

Seven Dhatus.

  1. Rasa (plasma)
  2. Rakta (Blood)
  3. Mamsa (Muscle)
  4. Medas (Fat or Adipose tissue).
  5. Asthi (Bone tissue).
  6. Majja (bone marrow).
  7. Shukra (Seminal fluid & ovum).

Sixteen Srotas or Channels of Circulation.

  1. Prana Vaha Srotas.Channels that carry the breath or life force and vitality.
  2. Anna Vaha Srotas.Channels that carry food (anna or ahara).
  3. Ambhu Vaha Srotas. Channels that carry water or regulate water metabolism.
  4. Rasa Vaha Srotas.Channels that carry chyle, lymph or plasma (rasa dhatu).
  5. Rakta Vaha Srotas.Channels that carry blood.
  6. Mamsa Vaha Srotas.Channels that supply nutrients to the muscle tissues.
  7. Medo Vaha Srotas. Channels that supply nutrients or the fat or adipose tissue.
  8. Asthi Vaha Srotas.  Channels that supply nutrients to the bone tissues.
  9. Majja Vaha Srotas. Channel that supply nutrients to the bone marrow.
  10. Shukra Vaha Srotas. Channels that carry semen and ovum.
  11. Sveda Vaha Srotas.  Channels that carry sweat.
  12. Purisa Vaha Srotas.Channels that carry faeces.
  13. Mutra Vaha Srotas. Channels that carry urine.
  14. Artava Vaha Srotas. Channels that carry menstrual fluid.
  15. Stanya Vaha Srotas. Channels that carry breast milk.
  16. Mano Vaha Srotas. Channels that carry thoughts or the mental system.

Viharana (Lifestyle).

Lifestyle Exercise & Sex.

The lifestyle of each individual will be determined by their constitutional type i.e.

Vata individual will enjoy a busy lifestyle with interaction with many people.

Pitta individual enjoys challenging and pressurised lifestyle.

Kapha individual prefers a calmer and more isolated and relaxed lifestyle.

Roga Nidana.

  1. Pragyna Aparada.( Intellectual blasphemy). This includes perversions of the faculties of wisdom, patience and memory.
  2. Asatmya Indriyarta Sanyog. (Unwholesome contact of sense with their objects).
  3. Karma Viyadi (Karmic influence).
  4. Kala Parinama. (Seasonal effects).
  5. Krmi. (Parasites or micro organisms).