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The Ayurvedic Clinic based in London, has been operating discreetly for over two decades, its premises, gardens and teaching Institute hidden behind a pleasant exterior. Behind its doors, the highly experienced Ayurvedic physicians have worked tirelessly to counsel and restore thousands of patients to health and bring them relief from their suffering.

In symbiosis with a team of expert Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapists and staff they have created an oasis of peace and purity which allows healing and spiritual reflection. Their collective efforts are given in the service of Ayurveda for the benefit of the whole human community.

What we do
Holistic, Bespoke & Natural

Ayurveda regards each individual as unique and so recognises the need for a customised approach to balance and true well-being. We are each a combination of three doshas (constitutions), Vata, Pitta and Kapha, with one or two being predominant. It the specific make up of our constitution or Prakriti, taken together with many other factors such as genetic background, geography, diet, lifestyle, relationships, work which determines our unique nature. Our specific constitutional make-up is as unique to us as our DNA code. It is the imbalance in our constitution or Prakiti which causes disorder in the body and mind.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment
Identifying the Root Cause of Disorder

Determining which of the dosha is imbalanced and thus the root cause of disease requires extensive knowledge and experience.

At your initial consultation especially, be prepared to talk about yourself. Ayurveda emphasises balance in all areas of life and so the physician will be using various diagnostic methods to examine your body as well as taking an extensive personal and medical history. This may include amongst other matters, an understanding of your diet, your professional life and working conditions, relationships, mental health and exercise routines.

In this way the Ayurvedic Physician is able to identify the potential causes of imbalance in the mind or body and can provide a bespoke treatment plan that will include dietary advice, herbal medicines and any other Ayurvedic treatments.

Dr Deepika Rodrigo BAMS and Dr Wathsala Wijesinghe BAMS, MSc, MD have counselled and healed thousands of patients to health and balance. Your consultation is confidential and you can feel assured that you are in the hands of compassionate and authentic healers.