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The miracle of the human body is that it has a natural healing intelligence that is capable of constantly rejuvenating itself. However, when doshic imbalance weakens the digestive capacity (Agni) it allows toxic impurities to form and it may build up slowly throughout the body over time.

To remedy this situation Ayurveda offers the gift of Panchakarma the “Science of Rejuvenation”. In this process the body is purified of the degenerating influence of these foreign substances thus freeing it to naturally exercise its inherent rejuvenating abilities.

The Panchakarma treatment is simple and traditional. The oils chosen for your individual constitution are pungent and heavy.

The herbs originate from India and Sri Lanka and have a deep cleansing, detoxifying and healing properties.

You should allow yourself to have as much quiet time as possible and to relax. You have to be aware not to do any meditation exercises or anything that will stimulate the mind. “Let it be still” is best word you can apply at this time.

Simple work, lots of sleep, good food and lot of rest is what you need during the time of your treatment program. This program can be arranged over a period ranging from 3 to 14 days depending on the individual and their severity of the disorder.

We are dealing with patients that suffer from disorders such as infertility, arthritis, addictions, weight issues, depression and paralysis etc.

We would like to advise you to that this treatment is to treat the above disorders not a merely a relaxing spa treatment. You must prepare to have some physical and emotional discomfort at times from the panchakarma treatment.

Stage 1. Consultation

First is the ayurvedic consultation (30min – 60 min) with the doctor to determine your doshic type and potential imbalances. This will determine which of the Panchakarma therapy to use for your treatment and which oil must be used according to your constitution. Doctor will arrange a special dietary program and herbs to loosen the toxins in the body and you will be given a full description about your treatment procedure. Three or four days before your treatment you have to take ghee or medicated oil with herbs (sneha pana) to dislodge the Ama (accumulated toxins in the gut).

We can arrange a skype consultation for overseas clients that cannot attend the initial consultation and send them herbs and diet before they come for the treatment.

Stage 2. Oil Massage

Snehana/Abyanga is a unique herbal oil massage.

Snehana is a herbal warm massage oil that covers the body from head to toe in a complete process of oileation. (The oils are chosen to suit your constitution) Oil is systematically worked all over the body and into the skin, and is absorbed through the pores.

Abhyanga is special massage technique using therapeutic oils to stimulate and release toxins in the body through lymphatic drainage and through the skin. It also helps to absorb the oil into the internal tissue of the body.

Stage 3. Swedana (Steam treatment)

Pinda Sweda is a technique that uses a poultice of Ayurvedic herbs that is heated and then used to foment the body to produce sweat. The fomentation helps absorb the herbs into the body through the pores in the skin.

Dhara Sweda or a traditional Ayurvedic steam bed. Ayurvedic herbs are placed in the hot water of steam bath to produce a therapeutic steaming effect to help in curing various aliments and expelling toxins from the body.

Stage 4. Shirodhara

Shirodhara is a technique that uses warm oil poured in a gentle stream over the forehead. This is a profoundly relaxing as it works to calm and pacify the central nervous system stilling the mind and senses. This allows stress to be released and to enhance natural healing. The oil is then massaged into your head and facial massage will perform to close the treatment.

Stage 5. Panchakarma

In the last stage of the treatment the Ayurvedic physician prescribes which elimination method should be used to expel unwanted toxins from the body. Ayurvedic medicine should be administrated at this point in the therapy.


A small amount of herbal oil used for each nostril to cleanse the sinus passage and lubricate the upper respiratory tract. This will help to remove the accumulated mucus and help to breathing. This is a very effective treatment for sinusitis, migraine, tinnitus and smoking addictions ect

Not every procedure is done for you at once. Each Individual has their own treatment procedure according to their requirement.

The whole procedure takes at least 3 to 3½ hours a day.

Vasti – Enema/Colonic Therapy

Small amount of warm oil (50ml-100ml) given to your anal cannel to cleanse the accumulated toxins through the colon. This is considered to be the best method to eliminate toxins from the body. Vata disorders benefit most from enema treatment such as digestive problem, fertility, pain, paralysis and insomnia. (Increase apana vata – downward action/energy)

Virechana – Purgative

Specially made herbal solution or paste is given to the patient to cleanse the digestive tract from mouth to anal canal. Patient must expect to have loose stools/motion from the bowels.


A special herbal solution is given to drink to create upward energy (udana vata). It induces vomiting and is very effective treatment for Kapha disorders such as addictions, physiological disorders, phlegm, cold, cough etc.
Panchakarma Price List
Treatment Program

At the clinic patients can have a morning or evening session of 3 to 3 ½ hours. This consists of the following treatment program.

At the clinic patients can have a morning or evening session of 3 to 3 ½ hours. This consists of the following treatment program.

2 hrs
Abyanga, Snehana/ Swedana

30 min

15 min – 20 min
Head massage & Face massage

15min – 30 min
Enema etc.


1 day Panchakarma


3 day Panchakarma


5 day Panchakarma


7 day Panchakarma


14 day Panchakarma


28 day Panchakarma

3 days or more panchakarma treatment includes free 30-minute consultation

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